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Microsoft Online Services includes Internet-based e-mail, remote file sharing, Web conferencing; and other communication and collaboration tools come with the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). The result? A hosted platform you can deploy quickly and easily - with virtually no up-front investment. The suite will work with your existing systems, provide business-class security and reliability at predictable IT costs, and simplify server management so your IT staff can focus on the business-critical initiatives that boost your competitive advantage. You can even select individual services and change the number of users (NB: 5 user minimum).


Web Conferencing:

Office Live Meeting: Conference with colleagues and engage with your customers through real-time meetings, training session and events. Try Office Live Meeting with the Business Productivity Online Standard Suite.

E-mail & Shared Calendars, Contacts:

Exchange Online: Quickly launch e-mail messaging online that allows employees online access to shared calendars and contacts. Try Exchange Online with the Business Productivity Online Standard Suite.


Centralised Resources & Workflow Management:

SharePoint Online: Highly secure, central location where employees can efficiently collaborate, find organisation resources, manage content and workflow. Try SharePoint Online with the Business Productivity Online Standard Suite.

IM & Presence Awareness:

Office Communications Online: Instant messaging and presence awareness in a secure environment increases productivity by facilitating rapid connections between people. Try Office Communications Online with the Business Productivity Online Standard Suite.

These Online Services are designed to give you business streamlined communication with high availability, comprehensive security, simplified IT management, and the latest business productivity capabilities, including:

  •  the latest in business-class email, Web conferencing, instant messaging, document collaboration and workflow;

  •  the latest messaging and collaboration features, which are designed to work together seamlessly;

  •  ability to build your own solution with individual services, or purchase as an integrated suite;

  •  capability to run some applications on-premises, or choose Online Services, hosted and managed by Microsoft;

  •  flexible combination of on-premises, and Microsoft hosted solutions; and

  • a deployment model that can adjust dynamically as your business needs shift and grow.

Your business benefits from always using the most up-to-date technology that is deployed rapidly, maximising your valuable IT resources and reducing your need for infrastructure investments.

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